Gigacer producer big size 120x120 technical unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles for floor and wall coverings.

GIGACER production process starts from large porcelain slabs, size 120x120 cm, homogeneous multilayer, that afterwards can be cut in many other submultiples and worked again to get different finishes, preserving their
top quality and aesthetic features.

GIGACER slabs meet all tastes, thanks to a wide range of technical decorations, various finishes obtained by different grinding degrees and modular sizes, but one thickness, single caliber and steady shades. Beside the thicknesses 12 and 4.8 mm, in 2010 on the range was expanded with 24 mm thickness bonded.

These homogeneous multilayer porcelain slabs show superior technical and aesthetical characteristics thanks to a highly innovative technology.

The production line has been realized on purpose to manufacture large sizes and uses an innovative technology called Continua. This technology foresees a pre-compacting phase before pressing, which allows to achieve special decorative effects without using glazes, but only distributing the porcelain mixed powders on the body. The firing at 1250° guarantees a total vitrification of the body. It is possible to obtain several submultiples by simply cutting the semifinished slabs, without using pressing dies.