Ergon was first created in 1991 as the Emilceramica Group’s technical catalogue, introducing solid porcelain stoneware into the Group’s product range.


Introduction onto the market of this typology, recognised as technologically advanced and the characteristics of which were an improvement over the competition’s products, enabled Ergon to grow rapidly in terms of both sales figures and credibility.


Ergon’s first years in the commercial field, with the backing of the parent company Emilceramica, led it to acquire significant market share, maintained and expanded in time thanks to many factors, including technological innovation, which ensured constant progress (to give just one example, double loading, pioneered by Ergon since 1995).



In 2004 the economic and commercial results achieved encouraged the Emilceramica Group to turn Ergon into an independent brand, enabling it to have its own in-house and outside sales network and a dedicated department for projects.


Thanks to this decision, Ergon extended its offering to solutions for raised flooring and ventilated façades, using fine vitrified stoneware slabs able to comply with the most stringent technical specifications.


Ergon then added to its offering style and personality that, together with its constant pre-eminence in the field of research, gave the brand a strong distinctive identity.