Devon Devon

It began in 1945 with the establishment of Giulio Tanini, a company which from the outset supplied material to the building trade. In the 1960s, a period of strong economic growth, the company was further reinforced and began specialising in the distribution and marketing of flooring material, ceramic tiling and bathroom fixtures and fittings. The technical and commercial expertise that the mother company gathered through time combined with the new ideas brought forward by the second generation who had grown up in the family business led to the birth of Devon&Devon in 1989 with the precise objective of marketing ideas for the complete, coordinated interior decoration of the bathroom. In these twenty years Devon&Devon has seen constant growth and success at an international level.

The creation of products that are incomparable, and yet recognisable in the unique way they draw inspiration from the past has always been the central theme of Devon&Devon’s production. Since the outset, the vastness and diversity of the range was such that the company opted to outsource production, a modern, flexible approach, typical of high-end production and suited to satisfying the expectancies of an increasingly demanding clientele. A need for specialisation led Devon&Devon to resort to a series of small-scale highly specialised external producers with generations of experience behind them and a strong vocation for quality. A high-profile, highly specialised know-how which has led to the utmost in aesthetic and formal consistency and unmatched authenticity.